Social Pschology Quiz 2

1. TCO 7.  What do the white hoods of Ku Klux Clan members, flaming somebody in a chat room on the Internet, and looting by mobs have in common with respect to lessening inhibitions? (Points : 10)       




With respect to the elements of persuasion, write one or two paragraphs on EACH of the following two factors: message content AND audiences. Explicitly explain why and how these factors apply to the presidential case above.       
Question 2.

The Black Student Union members protested to university administration, saying that Sigma Chi was being racially insensitive. A student protest emerged urging the banning of the fraternity.  Individual African-American students were deeply disturbed by the noose imagery. The fraternity said it did not mean to offend anyone, and it was only a regular Halloween party. Hostility grew between student groups. The university administration suspended the fraternity, worried about its already tension-filled relations with the surrounding community and other manifestations of intolerance in the student body.

Analyze the facts of this scenario critically using the following approach: 

a.  explicitly use three (3) concepts from the textbook in your analysis;

b.  identify and very briefly describe each concept you use and link it to specific evidence from the scenario; 

c.  within your group of three course concepts include at least one (1) concept from Chapters 8 (Group Influences) and at least one (1) concept from Chapter 9 (Prejudice: Disliking Others) in your analysis.       

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