Watch TedTalk video and write a Thesis Statement on…..

  WATCH: TED Talks: Gary Lauder: New Traffic Sign – Take Turns (4:27)


I am looking for a well thought, well written, thesis as a response to this 10 point question. Watch  Gary Lauder’s “New Traffic Sign: Take Turns.”  Notice how he makes his point using Statistical References  in order to create change.

I would like you to do the same thing! I want to know how you would change your field and I would like you to back it up with research from the field and tell me the source. In other words, in order to CHANGE/IMPROVE your field (addiction/counseling) , you would do the following based on what STATISTICAL INFORMATION  ???

I want you to reference  the STATISTICAL INFORMATION  (a minimum of 3 references: 2 Peer-reviewed Journal articles from the professional literature and 1 website Respected by your profession ).

If you are unsure about what a peer-reviewed Journal article is, or do not know how to use the University of Buffalo online library to find peer-reviewed Journal articles, please use the library link in course documents.  I’m looking forward to reading your thoughts and the statistics you reference!!!


The purpose of this post is to demonstrate your ability to reference the professional literature with statistical support for your thesis. If you reference studies from literature (which by the way you have to do in order to succeed at this assignment), I will want to know about significant results and the statistical test that was used.

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