for WIZARD KIM:Destination Presentation


Destination Presentation



Before beginning this assignment, you should thoroughly review PowerPoint Presentation Creation; Enhancing Presentations with Pictures, Transitions, Objects, Backgrounds, and SmartArt from your course textbook, Go! All in one: Computer concepts and applications.


For this assignment you will use Microsoft PowerPoint to create a presentation about a place to which you have traveled or would like to travel.   Puerto Rico

 Begin by opening a new Microsoft PowerPoint file. The presentation should include at least seven slides that could describe the location, the method of travel, the qualities of the location that make it interesting or fun, the places you can visit, and any cultural activities in which you might like to participate. Choose an appropriate theme, slide layouts, and pictures to format the presentation attractively. Must use SmartArt Research the location and include properly cited (APA Style) material. Here is a great resource you can use to find information about places in the US and all over the world. (Be aware that the automatic citation generator for this site uses MLA style and not APA.) Add (copy and paste) a chart or graph you can create in Microsoft Excel. This could be a travel budget.   Traveling from Atlanta, Georgia to Puerto Rico Add (copy and paste) a table you can create in Microsoft Word. This could be a daily schedule.


Include a References slide at the end, including 2-3 references


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