psychology science discussion

I have attached the chapter of the textbook you will need. Please cite from the book.


1) Topic One:  Adolescence and Adulthood, Phases and Stages

Briefly discuss  one or more  of the issues involved in adolescence, adulthood or old age (e-Reading, Chapter 6,  Human Development, Sections 6.3, 6.4 and 6.5 ) . Why do you think adolescence and/or young adulthood might be a stressful time? What are some of the phases and stages associated with these years?  In addition to commenting on the reading from your textbook, take a look at one of these  videos about the adolescent brain and let us know what you found out. 

The Adolescent Brain!

Here is a serious talk on Ted’s Talk about how the adolescent brain is different:  (about 15 minutes)

Here is one that is a little bit funny (Ze Frank)…but still gets the point across (about 7 minutes)

For the middle adult years, search the internet for us concerning midlife crises or the empty nest. From what you have found, do you think the middle years are a time of turmoil or crises?  Do they have to be?

What about the transitions in family life, i.e., marriage and parenthood?

What can we expect from old age? These are only some of the topics that you might wish to discuss.You may pick your own.

Try to relate your answer to the readings and to your personal experience ( Note  that your personal experience can be your own experiences or someone else’s you know or have read about.)

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