The detailed instructions are attached, please pay close attention to them, and PLEASE pay close attention to your writing as to not make errors. Please do them in the order attached.


Please look at the attached doc before sending a handshake and only message me should you have further questions.

I do expect at least a B as this assignment is not difficult in nature. Anything less and, well, we will cross that bridge once we get to it. Hopefully we will not. Thanks in advance. 


PS…the price is what I can afford. The first assignment will be 1-2 pages at most, please do follow the instructions and create a strong paper. The second assignment will be 6-8 pages in length.  You will know that once you read the instructions, and the zip file should contain everything that you need. If you should need anything else please let me know in advance. I have provided everything necessary to complete this efficiently. Attachments: 

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