Analyzing and Evaluating Introductions and Purpose Statements 2 pages/500words 3 sources apa format due in 5 hours

 The attachment labeled “Article B” is the main article to use for the assignment. The other attachments are needed to do the assignment as well, but Article B is what needs to be used. I have also added a little more info on what needs to be done.    Review Chapters 5 and 6 in the course text, Research Design. Review the book excerpt “A Typology of Research Purposes and Its Relationship to Mixed Methods.” Review the annotated journal article “Developing Long-Term Physical Activity Participation: A Grounded Theory Study With African American Women,” which is annotated to reveal the how an introduction and purpose statement function. Look to the Introduction Checklist and Purpose Statement Checklist for more guidance in analyzing and evaluating the introduction and purpose statement in your assigned article. Identify the purpose for research in your article according to the nine purposes of research found in “A Typology of Research Purposes and Its Relationship to Mixed Methods.” It is possible that your assigned article may have more than one purpose. Assess and evaluate the introductions and purpose statements. As part of the evaluation, be sure to describe how well the introduction achieves its purpose and, if applicable, include suggestions for improvement. With these thoughts in mind:

Post by Day 3 a 3-paragraph analysis and evaluation of the article’s introduction and purpose statement. Be sure to include which one (or more, if applicable) of the nine purposes for research from “A Typology of Research Purposes and Its Relationship to Mixed Methods” the article represents. Then, in a final paragraph, ask any questions you may have about introductions and purpose statements. Attachments: wk-06_purpose_statement_checklist_2.docwk-03_use_of_theory_checklist_4.docch05-harley_et_al-tutorial_1.pdfarticle_b_3.pdf

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