Immigrants often arrived with only the clothes on their backs and a single suitcase full of their most treasured possessions.

The Suitcase.jpg

You are asked to write a brief narrative about an immigrant’s suitcase for this discussion.

  • In your first paragraph, using your imagination and what you have learned, describe the immigrant who is carrying the suitcase
    • What is their name?
    • Where are they from?
    • How was their journey?
      • where did they live on the ship
      • how long were they on the ship
    • Why are they coming to America?
  • In your second paragraph, again using your imagination and what you have learned, describe in detail the content of the suitcase your immigrant is carrying (not including any clothing)
    • Describe 2 cultural treasures packed into the suitcase (do not worry about the size of the treasure compared to the size of the suitcase) 
    • Why would the immigrant choose those 2 treasures?

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