Clients Struggling with Culture 2 Responses

 In response to your peers, suggest an activity to incorporate into working with a client experiencing these challenges. 

1#.  In working with patients who have experienced pressure to leave their thinking racial practice, my approach would highlight racial sensitivity and respect their common experience. “Culture is frequently classified as a  wide and vexed definition  in million of ways depending on the area of study  and opinion of humans using the definition” (Gopalkrishnan,2018 Page 1). I would make a secure, not judgemental space for them to tour their feelings and skills, motivating an open dialogue. Furthermore,  I would assist patients to tour the strengths and resources they can gain from their cultural background and point out the morals of cultural diversity. “One of the primary complication  experiencing in mental health experts  is comprehending the difficult duties  and cultural diversity

2#.  My approach would be to be empathetic to my client. I would have them tell me what beliefs are important to them and how adopting new ideals and customs would change who they are as a person. I would let them know that pressuring someone to give up something that is important to someone can make that person resentful.  I would ask them if they feel that fitting in to the customs of the culture they are currently in supresses their heritage and ethnicity in ways that bother them, and if so how can they keep true to their own true roots while adopting some of the new ideals, if that is what they truly want and value. I would also challenge them on why (what is their motivation) and who they are trying to fit into ways of the dominant culture for, is it for themselves or someone, something (job, college) they are trying to impress? Understanding what motivates them to want to change can be helpful in deciding what is helpful for them. Also, asking what cultural traditions are important they keep. Is there a way they can do both, and knowing that I am supportive of whatever they chose or dont’t chose. 

Another thing I would bring up with my client is how will this change effect their family structure. Certain cultures are very family focused and follow cultural ways faithfully. How will giving up some of their cultural practices for different ones change how the family feels toward them or functions together.

Question to class: How does your culture feel about depression, anxiety and other mental health issues?

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