Copy paste the YouTube link below. choose one of those families to focus on. Pretend you are a social worker at the Community Mental Health Center featured

Copy paste the YouTube link below. 

choose one of those families to focus on. Pretend you are a social worker at the Community Mental Health Center featured in the video, and this family was referred to you by the group facilitator for family services as a follow up to their daughter’s group completion. Your job is to consider how you would approach a culturally responsive assessment and intervention plan with this family. You may also want to review supplemental resources. copy paste the bold link right here- CEBC » Program › Adolescent Focused Family Behavior Therapy (

Integrate 3 scholarly sources. Provided with the references at the end APA. 

Responds to the following prompts:

    1. Detail the information you would need to gather in your initial assessment with this family. You are welcome to structure this section as a bulleted list.
    2. Using the assessment parameters you listed above, analyze and summarize the information collected from the video by constructing an introduction to this family system. Be sure to include descriptive and identifying information, strengths, risk factors, and presenting problems.
    3. Identify the primary presenting problem for this family.
    4. Based on this primary problem, outline 1 mutually agreed upon goal and 2 objectives for this family’s treatment.  Remember, a client’s goals are what they want to accomplish or see change in their life as a result of treatment. Provide in SMART arrangement
    • Download and review the list of Evidence Based Practices for Hispanic Families from the link below.
    • Choose the intervention you feel is best suited to assist this family in meeting their agreed upon goal and objectives established above and then share your rationale. Be sure to support your rationale with sources.
  3. Based on the program you chose, outline an abbreviated intervention or service plan for this family. This plan should include action steps which state “who will do what, when.”
    1. Finally, engage in critical self-reflection regarding this content. Share insights gained about the Latinx population, and your own cultural lens.

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