Infant development paper

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Assignment Specifications Assignments must be 2 full pages typed using 12-point New

Times Roman font. Assignments must be double-spaced and have one-inch margins.

These assignments will give you the opportunity to integrate your own experience with

class information. Please put information from the notes and the textbook in your own

words (try not to quote word for word), and then cite these two sources in the text of

your paper. Cite the textbook as (Erford, 2017, p. ) and class notes as (T. Christensen,

class notes, CNL7023, Spring 2016). You must cite either class notes or the textbook

for each concept that you reference. No additional sources are required, aside from

class notes and the book. A reference page is unnecessary if you are only citing class

notes and the book. However, if you choose to use additional sources (e.g., scholarly

journal articles), you must cite them in-text and provide a reference section in your

paper. Also, as you write, please maintain others’ confidentiality by changing the names

of people that you discuss in your paper.

Reality Assignment Options:

Option 1: INFANCY—Holding an Infant

For this assignment, you will need an awake infant who is one year of age or younger.

Hold the infant for at least 10 minutes and briefly summarize your experience. Then,

identify and explain at least three specific course concepts or principles that are relevant

to your experience. For each concept or principle, explain how your knowledge of this

information made your experience more meaningful. Some of the following questions

might help you to think of relevant course material to connect to your experience.


a. What physical, cognitive, and socioemotional characteristics did the baby


b. What was the infant’s reaction to you? How did you react to the infant?

c. What emotions did the infant express?

d. How did the infant’s parents or caregiver respond as you held the infant?


e. What developmental theories help you to understand your experience?

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