Management informational system

Guidelines for submitting the assignment:

1. Submit the assignment as a word document attachment.

2. These are individual submissions.

3. Please DO NOT COLLABORATE on these assignments.

4. Please make sure to put your name in the word document.

5. Type the question followed by your answer.

6. Use 12 point font size (any font type) double-space to type your answer.

7. Check for grammatical and spelling errors before submitting your assignment.

8. The text within parenthesis in italics indicates the minimum length of the answer for each

question. For eg. (minimum 1 page) indicates that you should have atleast one page for

the answer. For questions that does not specify minimum length you can use your

discretion pertaining to the length of the answer.

9. The text in bold within parenthesis at the end of question indicates the maximum points

for that question. For eg. (10 points) indicates you can get a maximum of 10 points for

the question.

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