module 4 dicussion


Scenario – There is a new Board running the hospital, and they are aggressive about the hospital being the best in the State. They have decided that you are best suited to lead the nurses in the hospital so that they will initially get status. From there, they are planning on having the nurses lead the way by having every nurse be a leader in their field. Your knowledge of how to reach these milestones is the reason that you were selected to lead the nurses in the hospital.


  1. Read the scenario above, and then answer the following questions:
    1. What will the nurses need to do so that the hospital will become magnet status and be respected in the industry?
    2. What other certifications and awards, etc., will the nurses need to obtain so that the hospital will be named a magnet institution?
    3. What types of organizational designs and structures will need to happen for magnet status?
  2. Answer the questions as thoroughly and concisely as possible.
    • Be sure to reference any works that you utilize in answering the questions (Be sure that references are in APA format).
  3. Please respond to at least one (1) of your classmate’s postings.
  4. To see the grading rubric, click on the 3-dot menu 3-dot menu on the top-right side of screen. 

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