Need help with my psychology paper


Please follow instructions :


·      You must use at least two references ( reference must not be older than 5 years )

·      Title page with your name and the title of your paper

·      3 pages in length (text, does not include title page)

·      Reference page (additional page) with both of your references

·      1 inch margins (top, bottom and sides)

·      Start your text at the top of the page and do not include your name and title (that is what the title page is for)

·      No extra spaces between paragraphs

·      Double space

·      Times New Roman size 12


Due Date: April 20


Topic: Write about a psychological disorder that interests you. If you already wrote a paper on a disorder you must write about a different one.


Your paper should include the following:


1.     A description of the disorder

2.     Causes

3.     Symptoms

4.     Diagnostic criteria (From the DSM 5)

5.     Different treatments

6.     Medications used to treat the disorder

7.     Be sure to use no less than two references and cite your references in the paper


Your paper needs to be three pages in length.


The grading criteria remains the same: ability to follow instructions, content, flow and effort.

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