Psychology and Health Issues ((ASAP))


Assignment: Psychology and Health Issues Program Review


STEP 1- Select one of the following widespread psychology-related health issues: 



Employee conflict in the workplace


Substance abuse

Mental health





STEP 2- Visit two or more of the following websites that are appropriate for your selected health issue. Please be sure to properly cite and list your selections:


Center for Disease Control:

Mayo Clinic:

American Heart Association:

American Lung Association:

American Diabetes Association:

American Cancer Society: 


Provide an overview of the selected health issue and of psychology’s role in health.


STEP 3- Review at least one current psychology education program within your employer or your community that educates people about that disease or condition. If you are not sure where to find information, check your employer’s website or human resources department, your city’s website, the local community hospital’s website, or the county health department website. The University of Phoenix also offers Rev Wellness (  Please be sure to properly cite and reference all source.




STEP 4- Propose improvements to the selected psychology education or awareness program targeted at the population most affected by the health issue. Build on the existing program you are researching. 




STEP 5- Write a 1,500- to 1,750-word paper in which you combine your health issue overview, your review of the education program, and your proposal to improve the program. 




Include the following:  




Identify the psychology health issue and describe characteristics of the individuals or group most affected by the disease.

Discuss risk factors that can be controlled, how to control them and risk factors that cannot be controlled.

Discuss developmental, gender, and sociocultural factors that impact the health issue.

Discuss the treatment options available to individuals and groups.

Describe health-related behavior and health promotion strategies to address this health issue

Discuss lifestyles changes that are needed to enhance health and to prevent illness.

Use a minimum of three sources other than the texts.


Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.




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