Topic: Chronic Kidney Disease

The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate a deeper understanding of your selected disease and current trends in pharmacology related to your topic. The written portion of the assignment must be in APA format, include at least 3-written pages (not including the title page and reference page). The written assignment must include an introduction, pathophysiology (including clinical manifestations and signs, symptoms, and whether or not there is a genetic component to the disease), treatment options, and a conclusion. Concept maps are a visual representation of information. The concept map should include the following: risk factors, signs/symptoms, potential complications, labs/diagnostic studies, and any information related to the disease pathophysiology/etiology, and any nursing considerations. They can be done in numerous ways. There are several free concept map websites that you can choose from in making yours including: lucid chart Links to an external site., and creately Links to an external site.among others. You are also welcome to draw your own or use Microsoft word or google docs to create your own design use references!!

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