Psy 490_Week 3

1: Complete the Ethics Awareness Inventory, located in Classroom.


Write a 700- to 1,400-word summary that interpretsthe results of your survey. Apply the results to your personal and professional development. Include the following:Interpret the results of your survey. Use the information provided in your survey results to describe your ethics style and what your style means to you.Explain the results of your survey. Were you surprised by your results? Do you agree or disagree with the outcome? Explain why.Evaluate the role and importance of personal ethics in the field of psychology, the development of principles, and the code of conduct.Identifyhow your ethics style affects how you will apply psychological principles to personal, spiritual, social, and organizational issues.Discuss how ethics affect psychological knowledge and principles related to personal growth, health, and development.Analyzetheadvantages of choosing to pursue a degree in psychology. How do ethics play a role in your decision? Provide examples.


Include an introduction, conclusion, and references page. 


Include two to three references. You must use the survey as one of your references. 


Format your summary consistent with APA guidelines. 


Note to Faculty. Do not change this assignment. This assignment is part of the University of Phoenix, College of Social Sciences formal assessment of the Bachelor of Science in Psychology program. Results from the analysis of these student assignments will be used to contribute to continuous improvement of the program. Any modifications to content, scoring, or other features may invalidate assessment results.


2: Week 3 Participation (8 times on 3 seperate days)

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