Introduction to Multicultural Counseling

 Introduction to Multicultural Counseling

As reflected in your textbook, much of the literature and material about social and cultural counseling states that multicultural counseling competencies (MCC) are needed because today’s counseling practices reflect Eurocentric ideals which include ethnocentric values of the dominant culture (Pedersen et al, 2008; Sue & Sue, 2013). In other words counseling principles and perspectives do not include the values and viewpoints of those who are culturally different and may even reflect cultural biases and “traditional/stereotypical views” of various populations. However, Patterson (2004) has argued that cultures are becoming less pure and more overlapping due to globalization of cultures. Because of this globalization he proposed using a more universal system of counseling, also known as client-centered therapy (Patterson, 2004, pp. 70-71). Rather than having multicultural counseling competencies, Patterson stated that counselors “need methods and approaches that are effective with all kinds of clients” (p. 72).Based on your readings and other sources, what are your views about these ideas? In other words are these MCC’s needed today because of the globalization of cultures? Why or why not? Defend your position using appropriate literature.


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