PCN 520 Week 4 Groups in Action Workbook – Evolution of a Group (Segments 4-5)



Upon viewing “The Evolution of a Group” from the Groups in Action DVD, you will answer workbook questions that emphasize the application of concepts and techniques appropriate to the various stages of a group’s development.


As you watch the DVD, you will come to an icon number (17-29). It is at this time that you must stop the DVD and read the text corresponding to the icon number in the workbook.


Answer the assigned questions below on “Groups in Action Workbook – Evolution of a Group (Segments 4-5).”


Answer these questions:   Icon 17: Questions 1 and 2 (page 59)   Icon 19: Questions 2-5 (pages 61-62)   Icon 20: Question 2 (page 63)   Icon 21: Question 2 (page 64)   Icon 22: Questions 1 and 2 (page 64)   Icon 23: Questions 1 and 3 (page 67)   Icon 24: Questions 3 and 6 (pages 69-70)   Icon 25: Questions 2 and 3 (page 72)   Icon 26: Question 1 (page 78)   Icon 27: Questions 1 and 2 (page 79) and Question 2 (page 81)   Icon 28: Question 1 (page 82)   Icon 29: Questions 1 and 2 (page 83)

You will be graded on the overall quality of your responses, which may range from a few sentences to a short paragraph, depending on the nature of the question.


APA format is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.



You are not required to submit this assignment to Turnitin.

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