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Essay II – Ethics PHI 2010 – Paper 2 Assignment – Ethics and Society or Existential Issues

For this assignment, you will need to write a formal essay (title, introduction – including a thesis statement, supporting arguments, and conclusion) of at least 1,200 words arguing for the morality or immorality of some ethical issue. You may choose any ethical issue that you wish (drugs, abortion, war, A.I., cloning, immigration, euthanasia, artificial intelligence, etc.) but make sure that you are presenting an argument aimed at determining the moral status of this action or issue. Using an ethical theory can be a good way to provide justified reasons to support your position. You may utilize the readings we cover in class, but you must do some outside research as well. Your essay should be set up as follows:

(1)    Introduction

a.         Briefly and generally introduce the reader to your topic

b.        Provide a thesis statement (What problem to you hope to resolve here? Or, what question are you seeking to answer?)

(2)      Put forward an argument

a.         Begin by explaining the problem or issue

b.        Make sure you define key terms

(3)      Consider the other side

a.         How would some object to your view?

b.        How would you defend your view, in light of these objections?

(4)      Provide a conclusion

a.         Reaffirm your thesis without merely restating content

b.        Avoid introducing new ideas in your conclusion

c.         Avoid ending your essay in a question

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