Dance/ Movement and Healing Research paper

Wright 7 pages research paper to explore & explain your understanding of body-oriented psychotherapy and dance/movement therapy, with an integration of the required reading and other related reading, as well as class experiences. 

-APA format and a bibliography are essential.

-She gave us this list but you dont have to read all, but please try couple and mention on it. 

Required Readings  by instructor:


Caldwell, C. (1997). The somatic umbrella. In Getting in touch: Guide to body-centered therapies. Wheaton, IL: Theosophical Publishing.


Chaiklin, S. and Wengrower, H. (2009). The art and science of dance/movement therapy. (Section One). New York, NY: Routledge.


Halprin, D. (1999). “Living artfully: Movement as integrative process.” In S.K. Levine (Ed.), Foundations of expressive arts therapy. London: Jessica Kingsley.


Karman, S. (1979). Touch in therapy: Its use, its power. (Unpublished master’s thesis). Lesley College, Cambridge, MA.


Katz, R. (1982). The kung approach to healing. In Boiling energy. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press.


Levy, F. (2005). Introduction, Marian Chace, and Mary Whitehouse. In Dance/movement therapy: a healing art. Reston, VA: American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance.


Lowen, A. (1990). Concept of grace and spirituality. In The spirituality of the body. New York, NY: Macmillan.


Pierrakos, J. (2001). Eros, love, and sexuality. Mendocino, CA: Life Rhythm Press.


Rogers, N. (1993). A path to wholeness and Movement and writing. In Creative connection. Palo Alto, CA: Science & Behavior Books.



Schmais, C. (1985). Healing processes in group dance therapy. American Journal of Dance Therapy, 8, 103-107.

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