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For the final paper you will use the chosen newspaper article and 1 empirical article as your main comparison to the newspaper article. Additional sources should be used in your introduction and conclusion sections, but only 1 empirical article will be compared to the news article. 

            ii.          The paper should include an abstract that briefly describes the contents of your paper, an introductory section that describes the general research topic with cited and referenced sources and summarizes the newspaper article. In the next section the empirical article you have chosen will be summarized and reviewed. The concluding section should compare and contrast the information in your newspaper and empirical articles and refer back to the general topic. Be sure to evaluate the quality of the newspaper article in light of what you read in the scientific article.  The paper is to be about 4-5 pages in length (excluding the title page, the abstract, and the reference page). 

 You are not allowed to use direct quotes from any of your sources . Even though you are not using direct quotes, all sources must be cited throughout your paper. The paper is to be written in APA style (6th Edition of the APA Style Manual). The formatting hints document in Blackboard provides an example of the APA formatting expected for this paper


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