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opic #1


In class we have discussed the different perspectives in psychology, both past and


present. We have also discussed some of the pros and cons of the different


perspectives. If you could merge two different perspectives and create one perfect


theory of how our personalities form and why we behave in certain ways, which two


would you select?


For your paper you must have 2 components:


1. You must designate two specific perspectives and describe those perspectives


as you understand them in your own words.


2. Second, how would you merge the two? You need to explain WHY you chose


these two perspectives and how they would fit well together to better explain the


psychology of human behavior.


**There is not a right or wrong type of question, but you need to back up your


opinion. Convince me that your theory is the best one!




Topic #2


Your second topic is an introspective paper about yourself.


You should include:


 1. Background on yourself (as much or as little as you feel comfortable




 2. Why you have chosen to attend college and what your area of interest




 3. What your future goals are.


 4. What you hope to get from this class.




**As I mentioned before, as long as you address all components of each topic, I do not


care how you break up the word count.




**Remember, you must have a passing grade for this assignment to get a passing


grade in PSY 2012.


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