psychosocial rehab


Imagine that you work as a psychosocial rehabilitation specialist to help children suffering from emotional disturbances overcome maladaptive behaviors.


Topic we are working on is a child (let’s say age 12) who has been diagnosed with Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) and we have selected “Cognitive-Behavioral” as a theory for treatment.   We need to keep in mind that any treatment plans we come up with are going to be for a period of several months or shorter.   I am including a link to give everyone a better understanding of ODD since it is not one of the more popular disorders we have learned about. Since our professor deducts points for going over word count, everyone should try to be no more than 200 words for each part.   Just make sure the content is there.   I can always make adjustments when I’m editing.   Just a remind to make sure we are using acceptable sources as it seems this is something she is quite adamant about.   Please let me know if anyone has any questions or needs any assistance.   Once everyone has chosen their part I will post the “Final” assignment link.






·        Apply behavioral, cognitive, and socialization strategies to help your clients cope with family peer interactions. Use creative, critical, and probabilistic reasoning to solve the issue related to behavior and mental processes.






Action plan for dealing with peer interactions-


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