Week 3 Discussion 1 MGT 505


“Globalization and Localization.”  Please respond to the following:


Based on the “Strategic Thinking” article, students will respond to the following:


Discuss the influence of globalization and localization when it comes to marketing brands.


Would the same success be achieved with a less-visible brand? Explain your rationale from the receiver’s perspective.


What steps might you take to achieve the same kind of success with an almost unknown brand?


Week 1 Discussion 1 MGT 505


Week 1 Discussion 2 MGT 505


Week 2 Discussion 1 MGT 505


Week 2 Discussion 2 MGT 505


Week 3 Discussion 1 MGT 505


Week 3 Discussion 2 MGT 505


Week 4 Discussion 1 MGT 505









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