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Part I DB assignment:

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One thing that unites all humans—despite culture or time period—is the desire to be happy. Since the beginning of Western philosophy, philosophers have been asking the question, “How can I find happiness?” In popular culture, there are articles in magazines, newspapers, and discussions on the Internet and television about the pursuit of happiness.

Part 1What are some of the ways that people pursue happiness?Do you believe that it can be obtained?Discuss with others what you consider to be an impression of the state of happiness.

Part 2Why do you think that people differ in their interpretations of happiness?What do your reading sources say about this?Have you changed your perception of happiness over the years?Discuss with 2 or more classmates their interpretation of happiness.:

Part II DB response to classmates:

Michael Williams            Re:Unit1 – Discussion Board


What are some of the ways that people pursue happiness? People can pursue happiness through the six branches of philosophy such as: Metaphysics, Epistemology, Ethics, Aesthetics, Political Philosophy, and Social Philosophy. We as humans, ask ourselves questions through the six branches of philosophy. Although it may be through marriage, family, love, sex, alcohol and drugs, political and social views and finally food.


Do you believe that it can be obtained? Yes, I believe it can be obtained because it is all mind over matter, but it is what a person makes its choice what makes him or her happy and how they will pursuit happiness.


Discuss with others what you consider to be an impression of the state of happiness? What I consider to be an impression of the state of happiness is way a person always look at happiness in a positive way no matter if through relationships or the state of being happy will always has a positive impact on life itself.                                                                                                                                                                                                           Why do you think that people differ in their interpretations of happiness? Because everybody is not same, when it comes to making a decision and some people always has positive choice and others always negative when it comes to their choices in life. Besides, it is all on the human thinks or feel at that present time.


What do your reading sources say about this? My reading sources say “Others look to power for happiness, whether it is power from a high-profile career, from a political position, or from a prominent position in the community. There are many people who look to family for happiness because they believe that marriage and children are what make a good life.” (Baird & Kaufmann, 2000).

Have you changed your perception of happiness over the years? Yes, I have because as I got older mind decisions and choices has gotten better because I have gain wisdom over the years and like it said according to Erikson’s stage of theory I am in stage seven, and during the middle ages I look at life as impression of state of happiness because I settle down with a relationship and children. (Erik Erikson, 1974).

Nicholas Scholes                           Re:Unit1 – Discussion Board

People pursue happiness in many different ways weither it be through someone else, materials, faith, or being content with ones self. No matter which way someone chooses it’s always different for another person. I used to think that happiness was achieved through material things such as a job, car, or house. Kind of like a status type thing. I have recently found that happiness is being content with yourself and others around you. And making someone else happy really helps as well. I’ve got a 4 yr. old daughter that i find my most happiest moments come through her being happy. 


Cindy Moreno                           Re:Unit1 – Main Post. Happiness.

         Some of the ways that I find people to pursue their own happiness is by being around others, finding a way to cope, and sometimes participating in activities that heighten their drive for life. Some find it much easier to forget their life struggles and enjoy a sense of being while around friends or in the midst of a social environment. This does include coping, sometimes leading to drinking or being influence by other intoxicants. This does not always mean drugs or alcohol but may include, sports, hiking and being in nature. I have found myself walking in the woods, breathing in the aromas and sensing that the things all around me can bring me joy.

       By accepting the little things in life, everyone can obtain momentary happiness. I’m sure that there are those out there that believe that they are happy, though I think this is a type of shield many use to presume the effect of being content. I think the concept of happiness is achievable. Though in many terms joy can be seen everywhere. In the constitution the pursuit of happiness is defined as the ownership and right to buy and sell one’s own property, to have the freedom to work and earn a living. In my opinion this only leads to stress and misfortune due to the fact that we always strive to find what is better.

         In fact we all age and learn differently, so throughout our lives the definition of being happy changes. When I was young, hanging out with friends and being able to go out to the beach was what I considered to be happy. Now in my middle adulthood, being able to pay my bills and make a living is indeed what I would find joy in. Feeling the touch of someone else’s hand running through my hair is what I would find joy in. I imagine that when I have children, seeing them achieve and grow would make me content. Satisfaction plays a huge role in the enjoyment of life.


       In reading through some of what Plato and Aristotle have written, indeed everyone has their own definition of happiness. That if one cannot function in the highest potential, than that is what can bridge the gap in fulfillment and failure. Money and power can bring one person joy, while honor and pleasing others is their main definition of true bliss. It is true that it can appear in all forms. Every day we wake is a new chance to find what will bring us completion and that is the greatest gift of all. No matter how old we grow, no matter how we change, there will always be room to improve our lives and find what will truly make us happy. [removed] Part III Week 1 Individual Project (Due Sunday):There are certain big questions that philosophers have been puzzling over for millennia. Amazingly, many people ask these same questions in daily life. Reflect on the questions related to each of the six branches of philosophy below. Then, write 2–3 paragraphs describing a time in your life when you have asked similar questions. Talk about the specific circumstances that brought you to each question, and what conclusions you came to. The questions are as follows:Metaphysics: What is real?Is the physical world more or less real than the spiritual or psychological world?Is there such a thing as a soul? And if so, how does it survive outside of a physical body?Do all people have free will, or are lives determined by fate?Epistemology: How is anything known?What is the basis for knowledge? Is it innate reason, experience, or something else?Is all knowledge subjective, or are there some universal truths?What is the relationship between faith and reason?What can artificial intelligence teach people about knowledge?What are the limits of human understanding?Ethics: What is the right thing to do?What does it mean to be a good person?Does virtue lead to happiness?Do the ends justify the means, or is a virtuous action virtuous in and of itself?How does living in a society affect morality?Is morality culturally based, individually based, or is there a universal morality?Aesthetics: What is beautiful?Is beauty truly in the eye of the beholder, or are there some things that all cultures find beautiful?What is the purpose of art?How can a piece of art be successful or valuable? Does beauty matter?Political philosophy:What is the best kind of government?How much power should the government have?What kind of people should be in power?How involved should the common citizen be in government?Social philosophy: How should humans behave in a society?Do people give up certain rights when they choose to live in a society?How do social values affect individual beliefs? Do people behave differently in a crowd than they would individually?How does society affect language and other types of communication?

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