one to two (preferably two) intelligence test that pilots must take for them to work at any airline

one to two (preferably two) intelligence test that pilots must take for them to work at any airline.
How do they administer these intelligence test?
what are those intelligence tests
why is it important for them to take the test?
why do airlines give the test to pilots?
How often or how many times in their career do they take the test?
are these tests relevant to their job and duties.
and what are airlines looking by applying these test to pilots

does the person given the test needs to have a Bachelors, Masters, or a Doctoral in order to interpret the test?

what special education needs to have the person given the test?

are there any other pilots should take? what test and how does it help the pilots or airlines?(e.g. prevent suicide, stress, etc).

Preparing for pilot aptitude and Psychometric Test

Here you will find

What are airline looking for?

Pilot assessment test what do they include

Talk about if the wais 4 can be used for this types of population

How would it help airlines?

Do they take this assessment and if they don’t is it similar to their exam?

how similar are they if not do you think they can benefit taking this assessment? How is it beneficial to them?

what other types of intelligence assessment can benefit the pilots and or the airline to hire these pilots? are there any assessment that can help airline screen for depression or prevent suicide?

or prevent any aerial accidents or catastrophe?





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