Applying Learning Theory

Write a 2 to 3-page paper designing a training module proposal. The title of this training module is “The Importance of Understanding Your Learners’ Needs”. Your assignment this week will play a critical part in your final paper and presentation next week. This includes helping you to not procrastinate and to easily write a successful paper that is exceptional. By thoroughly completing this assignment you will be well on your way to success. An important goal that you are beginning to achieve is how to apply learning in all of the multifaceted contexts each of you currently are involved or will be in your future. Whether you are a counselor, a trainer, a manager, or a parent, these principles can make a HUGE difference in your success and life if you will consider the overall picture. You will basically be proposing the information you would include for assisting managers to gain knowledge in how to meet the learning needs of their departmental employees. You will include a minimum of seven principles in this assignment that will provide you with options for your final design in Week 5. The group of people that you have hypothetically been assignment to train has already been provided for you here: Final Assessment Scenario

  Be sure to review the guidelines about this assignment and review the grading rubric for a breakdown of the expectations of components that will be graded.  Your paper must be written in APA format.

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