Reflective Essay Week 4

Topic I: Review the exercise on p. 392 entitled “Communication Improvement
Plan: Conflict Management)”. Respond to the question posited and write your
own communication improvement plan (12.18). Under topic I you should write
about your plan, what areas you want to improve, how you would go about
improving and incorporating the skills you learned (or revisited) in the


Exercise p. 392 

Would you like to improve the following aspects of your conflict resolving behaviors, as discussed in this chapter?


-Initiating conflict

-Responding Conflict

-Mediating the conflicts of others



12.18 Pick an aspect, and write a communication improvement plan. You can find a communication improvement plan worksheet on our website at

Topic II: Reflect on a common area of conflict in your life (work, family,
friend) and describe the typical scenario then describe the envisioned
scenario using your above communication improvement plan. 

Process: Your reflective essay/analysis should consist of a minimum of  3
pages, excluding the title page and reference page, and must be posted in
the week 4 Reflective Essay dropbox by Saturday 11:00 PM PDT. Integrate at
least four scholarly articles/sources (in addition to citing your textbook)
as part of your essay. This is a research paper, do not use Wikipedia. Be
sure to cite your sources on the Reference page at the end of your paper and
use APA formatting throughout (see APA Guide, 6th Edition)

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