Research Articel Critique

For the this Annotation, select a journal articles (at least 2 pages in length) (already selected and attached below..)  that deals with an issue in your professional area of interest. The article copyright date must be 2002-current. Create an annotation with bibliographic citation for the article.

Annotations: Begin with the complete bibliographic entry Include some or all of the following Authority and qualifications of the author, unless extremely well known. e.g. “Based on twenty years of study, William A. Smith, professor of history at XYZ University…” Scope and main purpose of text. Do not try to summarize the whole work. e.g. “Discusses the positive impact of Medicare on the psychiatric profession.” Any bias that you note. Audience and level of reading difficulty. Such a comment warns readers of writings that are too elementary or scholarly for their purposes. e.g. “Swift addressed himself to the scholar, but the concluding chapters will be clear to any informed lay person.” The relation, if any, of other works in the field. “This corroborates the findings of George Brown’s Revolution.” Summary comment. e.g. “A popular account directed at educated adults.” Don’t repeat the words of the title, don’t offer information that an intelligent person could readily infer from the title Are concise

In addition to your annotation briefly answer the following questions: What are the implications for your professional area of interest? What further questions does this article raise?

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