Respond to Peers: Review your classmates’ posts, and respond to at least two of your peers. In each response, comment on your classmate’s overall health strategies. Explain what you learned from the post that you could use in your own life. Each response should be a minimum of 50 words.



Although there are a lot of sicknesses that run in my family, I can say that I have been blessed not to have inherited a lot of them.   My only issue at this point is that I have high blood pressure but I am taking my meds and keeping it under control. When I had my last doctor visit, he told me that my blood pressure has been stable for a while now so I should continue doing what I am doing. His main concern was my weight and I am working on that. Due to a surgery to my knee, I am limited to doing a lot of things. I had a tumor on my knee cap and it cause deterioration to my bone and my right leg is now shorter than my left leg. This cause me to be in pain more than normal but I have learned to live with it. I know I should think more about my health because of the issues in my family.




As of now I am learning to be more conscience of what I eat. I love fried food, especially chicken but I haven’t cooked any in a long time now. My son recently asked if I would fry some chicken but I told him I would bake it instead, which he was okay with it. I have decided to eat smaller portions of food now and I eat more veggies than normal. I have never been a sweet eater so that has never bothered me but the starchy food is my downfall. I am trying to do better with my choices because I need to think of my health more than satisfying myself. I need to make a habit of eating more fruits and vegetables verses carbohydrates and fatty foods.




Like I said I am limited to the things I can do because of my bad knee but I think I can at least try to do more than I am. I should start parking my car farther away so I can walk. My kids go to the gym all the time and try to get me to go but I never do. My job even offers us time to work out but I feel like I can’t keep up with everyone so I don’t. I should at least try to go to 1 class just to see what I can actually do.


Overall, I know I can change my eating and exercising if I choose to. I need to at least start trying instead of just thinking I can’t do it. Eating right will be a big step in getting my health on track. I am a strong woman and I can do whatever I put my mind to do so I should make it a mission to get energized and focused on being healthier.



PMy current exercise, nutrition, and overall health status is great. I exercise twice a day five times a week, I do a lot of cross fit and running. I love to exercising and do physical things because I know if I don’t I’ll let my lazy side takeover. Nutrition has came a long way, I use to think that I can eat whatever I want as long as I work it off tomorrow. But after taking time off the gym to for holidays and class I seen that weight starting to catch so now I change my eat habit. I eat cleaner and less now but most importantly I stop eating after 8 p.m. .Overall health is good, I have been taken care of my body and mind very well. I also added in regular check ups with my doctor just to see how everything looks through a doctors eye.

Two nutritional strategies I can implement right now to increase your overall health are add more vegetable to my diet and calcium. According to the video we should be eating 5 serving of fruits or vegetable a day and right now I’m about 2 to 3 serving off of the daily amount. I plan now to implement fruit into my breakfast and lunch or if I want a snack in between meals. Then for dinner every day eat vegetables for the rest of the serving I haven’t already ate. Calcium has always been a problem for me since I don’t enjoy eating or drinking it. But now I have learned that I can drink skim milk and there is pills I take so I will now implement for into my diet.

Two exercise strategies you can implement right now to increase your overall health is walk more and stretch more. Like most people I like to drive every where or park close to the building I drove to. Now my plan is to walk any place that is near like the gas station or a friends house and if I do have to drive I will park in the fear end of the parking area. This will increase my health and also help save the environment. Every though I workout daily I don’t stretch a lot but now after learning I will. I see to not given my body the rest and stretching that is needed I am just stressing my body, making it work harder and not giving my body time to grow. 

Good nutrition and exercise can help you be a more successful student in ways you couldn’t think of. By exercising for just 30 minutes a day can create a healthier heart, that pumps more blood though out your body causing your brain to work easier. Also by changing your diet by eating grilled fish instead of a food fast cheese burger can do great things for your nutrition level. This plays a part in being successful on that late night assignment where that burger will make you sleepier while grilled fish will give you that boost you might need. Nutrition and exercise are one of many things that helps you be more successful student but they also help you live longer and healthier.


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