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I am writing a paper on a local hospital, McLeod Regional Medical Center. This paper needs to discuss the importance of abiding by the core values while at work, from a nursing perspecive. Also, it needs to hit on the dangers of creating drama by spreading gossip, as well as providing rservice excellence for patients and treating coworkers with respect. The paper must be 3 pages long, double spaced with 12 point font. No formatting is needed.

The core values are:

The mission of Mcleod Health is to improve the overall health and well being of people living within South Carolina and eastern North Carolina by providing excellence in health care.


The Value of Caring:

At Mcleod Health, our professionals don’t focus solely on their jobs. They embrace opportunities to respond wih compassion, offering not only medical care but also personal, emotional and responsive caring to  the needs of our patients.

The Value of the Person: In life’s most profound moments, the people of Mcleod are committed to sharing a generosity of spirit with each individual patient and cheerfully offering courtesy, resilience and respect.

The Value of Quality: For more than 100 years, Mcleod has been the choice for medical excellence. Our mission requires us to have highly skilled personnel and a spectrum of advanced technology.

The Value of Integrity:

We expect people who are part of the McLeod Health family to display honesty, wisdom, discipline, and an intense desire to accept the responsibility of care for patients and their families.

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