Due Tomorrow Morning – June 19

Please respond to the following Psychology Emotional Intelligence Discussion questions/topics…..


Discussion 1 – In 100-200 Words:


Increasing self awareness can be challenging because of the discomfort we may experience as a result. We have a natural tendency to avoid discomfort. Many people think feeling a range of emotions is the same as self-awareness. However, to accurately recognize an emotion, we also have to pay attention to our thoughts and physical signs that accompany a feeling. High self-awareness is recognizing the sensations that you feel and being able to name which emotion is happening. Use anger as an example. What might be some sensations we feel when we are angry?


Discussion 2 – In 100-200 Words:



When studying Emotional Intelligence, sometimes illustrations help us “see” the concepts more clearly. For example, if any of you watch the television sitcom series The Big Bang Theory, you most likely know who the character Sheldon Cooper is. Sheldon Cooper displays (in an over exaggerated manor) he is an intellectual genius. However, he also clearly demonstrates a near absence of emotional intelligence, including people skills and the inability to sense sarcasm and others’ emotions. Can you think of any other example illustrations regarding emotional intelligence, or the lack of? I look forward to hearing any ideas.



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