Response: Survey- Drug use in Middle School Children

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The 1st response is to my previously submitted assignment below . Instructor inquired:

From the instructor:

Thanks for sharing, and I appreciate the emphasis on anonymity…that can help reduce social desirability pressures.  You might also consider differentiating drug type within the instrument, particularly because some responses (to cause of use, peer-pressure influence, etc.) could change depending on the drug under consideration.  Any thoughts on additional hypotheses we could test using such an item?


My assignment I submitted

Drug use by middle school children is one of the main issues that are affecting the United States. Many types of research have been conducted to identify the real, impact and severity that is associated with drug abuse by middle school children (Fowler, 2015). A survey can be carried out to determine the actual statistics of the key features of this drug abuse including the finding and the statistics that are associated with this research problem.

    Survey instruments are one of the primary research tools that are used to find solutions to reported problems. The design of the study is the key to having the most efficient data capture that can lead to accurate findings and discussions to the research problem. In designing this survey, some considerations will be incorporated to guide the research exercise precisely the survey process (Fowler, 2015). One of the considerations that is made is the age of the most middle schools children who are involved with drug use, the motives behind this behavior and possibilities of controlling this behavior. The type of drugs will also research and the reason behind these consumptions.

              Sometimes the survey exercise may be inhibited from successfully collecting appropriate data such as dishonesty from the interviewees. It is highly likely that some respondent will not tell the truth as they will fear prosecution or association with their ill effects of drug abusers. The ability to collect correct information is, therefore, difficult and can lead to challenges when arriving at the data findings (Peterson, 2011). However, with careful preparation strategies for the survey, various approaches can be used to collect the appropriate information. These include the use of carefully evaluated questions in questionnaires that do not conflict with the interest of the respondents and the design of the instrument in the way that it conceals the confidentiality of the respondent. There is high possibility therefore that they will not fear to voice out their motives and the reason for consuming the drugs they take (Fowler, 2015).


Fowler, F. J. (2015).  Survey Research Methods (Applied Social Research Methods) . Thousand Oaks: SAGE Publications, Inc.

Peterson. (2011). Data collection through survey. Journal of Research,   34(6), 1.

Teen Survey

There has been an increase in drug use among middle school students. This survey will collect data to assist students from diverse backgrounds to find an alternative to drugs and create a healthy and happy lifestyle. The survey is anonymous for the protection of the student. The questionnaire is short and sweet for age approvedness.

1.       What types of drug have you preferred?

2.       How does the drug make you feel?

3.       What made you try drugs for the first time?

4.       How old were you when you tried your first drug?

5.       How old are you now?

6.       How often do you use drugs per week?

7.       How do you pay for your drugs?

8.       Do you think you will use drugs for the rest of your life?

9.       Are you home, school or elsewhere when you use drugs?

10.   What kind of grades do you make?

11.   Do you think you can give up using drugs?

12.   Have you ever sold drugs?

13.   How often are you offered drugs per week?

14.   Are you willing to give drugs up if you found something more interesting to do?

15.   What is your nationality?

16.   What is your gender?

17.   Do you live with both parents?

18.   Did one or both parents graduate from high school?

19.   Did one or both parents graduate from college?

20.   What is your zip code?

Thank you for your honest answers, and there is no need to add your name . 



2nd discussion  The response should be one or two lines and you can ask a question. 


First you need to decide if a survey is the best way to answer your research questions then you determine what population you want to survey (Shaughnessy & Zechmeister & Zechmeister,2009). The only issue with middle school children and/or young adults are the fact that not all children will tell the truth on a survey and if you ask the parents to fill the survey out then the parents might not even know their children are using drugs. Also many children will say they are using drugs even tho they are not just to “fit in” with everyone else.

            The survey I found told researchers that 80% of the nation’s high school students and 44% of middle schoolers have personally seen illegal drugs being used and/or sold and/or students drunk or high the grounds of their schools (Boyles, 2007). In this survey the researchers surveyed 1,063 teens between the ages of 12 and 17 and 550 parents of teens where half of the parents had children completing survey’s (Boyles, 2007). Then the teens were ask if drugs were used, kept or sold at their schools and based on those answers schools were marked as either drug free or drug infested (Boyles, 2007).

            I would say that researchers would have to be in the room while the teens are completing the surveys so researchers can read the teen’s reaction to the surveys.

Reference List

Boyles, Salynn. (2007).  Parents Bling to Rising School Drug Use: 4 of 5 High School Students Exposed, Survey Shows.   Retrieved from

Shaughnessy, John & Zechmeister, Eugene & Zechmeister, Jeanne, (2009).  Research Methods In Psychology.


3rd discussion  The response should be one or two lines and you can ask a question. 


For this type of research there are a few factors to consider.  When developing this research I would decide what age I want to target and whether to study boys and girls in middle school or only boys or only girls.  I would break up the survey to reflect the ideas of each grade level (most middle schools are 6th – 8th grade).  Older middle school students may have more exposure and experience as it relates to drug knowledge and drug use.  I would also have to consider the area of the city or state that I feel would give me a good mix of family background, social status and financial status.  Privileged children may feel differently or have access to different kinds of drugs than underprivileged children.  My youngest son is in middle school.  I would think that it would be unethical to have this type of survey conducted without my permission although I do understand that alerting parents may cause the participants to be vague or a little less than truthful if they feel their parents will find out.  




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