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As explained in the syllabus, this is an assignment that requires you to choose a case material (such as a film) that is relevant to learning. In this assignment you are asked to explain the learning challenges and experiences of a particular character by applying concepts from at least three specific chapters of the textbook. It is important to apply at least three concepts from each of the three chapters (a total of at least nine specific concepts ), by providing references (with page numbers) for each application of concepts (a total of at least nine references to the textbook).

            Here are some of the main questions you can address in this essay (not necessarily in this order). I recommend that you provide separate sections for the following analyses:

Existing learning

– What types of learning mechanisms or processes are occurring in this case material? In other words, what is the character learning and how?

Existing challenges

– What are the major challenges that this character is facing in his adaptation to life?

Impact of the environment

– In what ways is the environment of this character influencing learning and adaptation to life? What are some of the positive and negative environmental influences?

Recommendations for improvement

– If you were a friend, a teacher, a counselor or a therapist for this character (who would ask your help), what would you recommend for him to do based on your learning in this class about the science of learning? In other words, in what specific ways can his learning and adaptation to life be improved?

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