Once during this course, each student will make a brief presentation (300-600 words) and lead a discussion (via discussion board) on one of the readings.  Choose one of the articles from Orion Magazine listed below (or you may choose an article from the BOUNDARIES section of your Future of Nature textbook). MODULE 3:  Consumption

Go to the following link—Orion Magazine:

Search (magnifying glass icon) for the article by title and author. 1. The Gospel of Consumption by J. Kaplan 2. Forget Shorter Showers by D. Jensen

3.  Crowded Planet: A conversation with Alan Weisman 4. Breaking the Spell of Money by S.R. Sanders 5. High-Tech Wasteland by E. Grossman


  If You Are Presenting (PRESENTER): 

In the module in which you present, there will be two submissions:

1. Post your Future of Nature Presentation to the Discussion Board no later than Thursday for the module you are assigned to present.  

Your discussion grade will consist of how well you facilitate your discussion. At the end of your summary include 3 discussion questions for your classmates to answer.  List them as 1.,2., 3.

After you get initial responses to your questions, you must post at least 3 responses to their answers by Sunday .

2. Submit your Future of Nature Presentation to the Dropbox so I can grade it.


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