PSY 265 Week 4 assignment

Week 4’s checkpoint .
You will create your own quiz. You must write 5 short essay questions which address
communication techniques that improve sexual and emotional relations. Then you must
answer your own questions. Each response must:
 be at least 75 words,
 provide full support for your response, and
 include the source of your information.
1. Questions must require a short essay response and may not be answered by a single word,
short phrase, or statistic.
Example of NOT acceptable:
Question: Are good communications helpful to building a healthy relationship?
Answer: Yes.
Example of acceptable:
Question: What are 4-5 benefits of using good communications in building a a healthy
relationship? Explain how each is beneficial.
Answer: According to the X____ theory of couples’ communications, there are 7 key
factors which foster the development of healthy, satisfying relationships. They include
(etc.) ….
Source: Adams, A, and Eve, E. Theories of long-term relationship development, Journal
of Human Development, Vol. 2, 0001. Eden Publications.
2. Each question must be researched and the source of the research must be fully documented.
That means I must be able to use your documentation and find the same information your
3. Sources you may use include:
 the textbook,
 the university library, and
 reliable and valid internet sources.
4. You may NOT use Wikipedia, eHow,, or any other open-sourced cite or
question-answering search engine. [You may use search engines to find sources but not the
question answering portion of the search engine.]
5. Use the format shown in the examples above to present your quiz.

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