Choose a topic that already touched on and explore it in more detail.5 pages

I want the paper 5 pages long


We have been discussing the early stages of development.   Choose a topic that we have already touched on in class (Freudian theory, Attachment theory, transitional phenomena, dream interpretation, or another of your choosing) and explore it in more detail.  For example, if you choose Attachment Theory, you might investigate more fully what is meant by secure and insecure attachment.  Or you might pick early communication patterns with mothers and children and what constitutes healthy communication and affect matching. 

All theoretical papers must include at least TWO referencesfromARTICLES OR BOOKSrelevant to your topic.  At least ONE of these writings must be primary source material (meaning that if you are talking about Winnicott, you must choose a source actually written by him). You are then welcome to include as many secondary sources as you would like (sources written by other people about your chosen theorist(s).


You may also use online sources in addition to books, journals, or articles. While online sources are welcome, they do not satisfy the need to include at least TWO books, journals, articles etc. You may cite an article we have already read, though the requirement for TWO NEW sources remains. All references must be listed on a separate reference page in correct APA format.  Check the syllabus to see how references should be listed, or look up “APA format” online.



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