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Early Childhood Education: Jean Piaget quick form


This should be quick and easy. One required text reference is provided. If any additional references are used, they must include a link so the teacher can view it online.



What contribution to the understanding of early childhood development did this theorist make? (Use at least two complete sentences to describe this contribution)

Identify two key ideas from this theory that are found in the current trends or best practices used in the early childhood care settings of today.

Share one example from a key idea used in a practical way within the early childhood settings of today. Rousseau


This example can be left here.  

Rousseau was the author of several education books that described education for children through the teaching of morals and the use of learning environments where children were free to explore and learn. The child directed his learning with a subtle guidance provided by the adult (Follari, 2011). Rousseau believed in schooling being set up out of the home. Rousseau encouraged learning through experience, rather than learning purely from reading.

An example of his work is seen today when early childhood professionals set up learning activities that encourage learning through play (i.e., sand and water tables, science and discovery tables, etc.).








Follari, L. (04/2014). Foundations and Best Practices in Early Childhood Education: History, Theories, and Approaches to Learning, 3rd Edition. [VitalSource Bookshelf Online]. Retrieved from

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