Police Psychology

Assignment 2: RA 2: Research Paper

Police psychology is a wide, still-developing field. Pick a topic pertinent to the contemporary field of police psychology and, in a research paper, analyze its impact on the field from a psychological perspective.

Some possible topic ideas may include:Psychological issues for K9 handlersFamily support and the role of a police psychologistBiology and psychology of shift work for first respondersResponding to workplace violence callsEyewitness memoryDealing with officer-involved shootingsDealing with post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSDs) and first respondersEffectiveness of therapy for officersPsychology of germ warfare—pre/during/and post incidentLatest research on psychological instruments to assess police officer suitabilityPeer counselors


Create a 10- to 12-page paper in a Microsoft Word document by addressing the following:Explain the particular issue or phenomenon from a psychological perspective and its impact on the practice of police psychology. As any issue has multiple perspectives, each of these perspectives should be researched, explained, and related.Culminate the facts and various perspectives into your own well-thought-out conclusion that directly relates to your thesis presented in the abstract and introduction of the paper.

In order to ensure you address all the requirements of the paper, read the grading criteria carefully to address all the elements.

Submission Details:Save your paper as M5_A2_Lastname_Firstname.doc. By Monday, June 9, 2014, post it to the M5 Assignment 2 RA 2 Dropbox.

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