Research Story


For this assignment, you are going to compose a narrative of your research experience. You will draw a conclusion from your experience and communicate to your audience why what you said was important. That is, what is the importance of the research journey for you or for others? Focus on a take away from your research journey and focus on the events that led you to draw this conclusion.


This assignment allows you to reflect upon and narrate the experience and the value of the research process. It is open form, and as such, the expectations for how to approach the topic itself is largely dependent on your own personal experience. The thesis, or conclusion, you have made about the research process can be featured as a sentence in the introduction or it can be delayed until the last paragraph where you discuss the larger implications of your experience.


Length: a minimum of 750 words

Document Formatting: MLA formatting: Heading (name, assignment name, course name, date), original title, header (page numbers), line-spacing (double-spaced), 1”margins, and 12-point font size, Times New Roman or sans-serif font. Underlined thesis statement.

Include a subheading for each section of this story: (1) Introduction (2) Research Process (3) Journey

Genre/Style: Reflection, exploratory, and narrative. This is a genre of writing that is hybrid and borrows from several genres listed above. Tone can be informal or formal with a focuson being reflective, introspective, and thoughtful. There should be an introduction to the background of what led you to the project, a body that maps your experiences, and a discussion that suggests the importance of the journey to you and others. You may use “I” or a first-person pronoun.

Sources: No sources are required; however, if part of your narration reflects upon how one piece of research changed your initial opinion, that source should be mentioned in text and cited properly at the end of the assignment. MLA formatting is required if any source is introduced. 

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