week 7 thelma powerpoint


CASE STUDIES company listed below


You may use the 2 citations  provided as part of your research. Your  research must include peer-reviewed and scholarly sources. You may use internet sources for factual  information about your company, but these should be the minority of your  research. Use Trefry Library, Google Scholar, and similar library  sources.


1. Begin with Title and Agenda slides. Then introduce the company (e.g. name, type of business, its corporate structure);

2.  Summarize the case study. What happened? Define and explain the core  ethical dilemma confronting the company, with pertinent facts; 

         *this includes why it is an ethical issue; 

         *clearly define the dilemma be  clear as to the company’s situation and its ethical choices – the  action the company chose to do and at least one other, different, choice  it could have elected instead; 

3.  Identify, define, and explain the ethical framework you selected in Week  5 Assignment that supports, or is illustrated by, the decision the  company made. In explaining the framework, include definition, theory,  and an example of how it works in making a decision. How does the  company’s decision and conduct illustrate this framework?

4.  Identify, define, and explain the alternative ethical framework you  selected in Assignment 5 that could have led to a different result for  the company. Explain specifically how the company effectively could have  employed this alternative framework. Include an example of how it works  in making a decision.

5.  Identify at least one legal issue the company faced or could have faced  as a result of its decision. Examples from your studies in the course  are: contract disputes; tort claims; violation of a civil or criminal  statute or regulation (which you must identify specifically); civil  rights; employment issue; whistleblowing. It must be a different issue  from the main laws and regulations involved in the case study  violations. 

6.  Recommend: What is a take-away from this case study for exercise of  corporate social responsibility (CSR) in management of business  operations? Recommend and explain at least one CSR business practice for any business.  In determining your recommendation consider the concepts we have  studied this term. The company you have studied for this Assignment  engaged in practices that ultimately touched or affected all aspects of  its management. Your recommendation must be a specific  practice for any business to apply.  It is not sufficient to say  something like “do it differently,” or “be ethical” or “corporately  responsible.”

7.  References slide: Your references must be cited fully in APA7 format,  except on your PPT slide it is not necessary to use a hanging indent or  double space the citations. More than 7 sources are  required for exemplary level of the grading rubric.  At least 7 sources  are required for the Accomplished level of the rubric. Please see the rubric’s requirement for including scholarly and/or peer-reviewed sources.

To  refresh your understanding of peer-reviewed and scholarly sources read  the submodule “What are Peer-reviewed and Scholarly Sources?” in Course  CONTENT, under the section, Course Overview & Introduction.

9.  Speaker’s notes are required to provide your PPT narrative, either in  the notes spaces below the slides or by audio or video narrative.

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