The Gross Inequality of Death in America” Current Event Reading and Reflection


In Module 4, we have just begun to see the effects of class on our health lifestyles. Think back to the health lifestyles model when we spoke about life chances. Our chances in life to find satisfaction and have those events occur numerous times depends on demographic variables, primarily our social class. Knowing this we begin to grasp the concept that the wealthier we are, the more likely we are to live healthier, more satisfying lives. This article by the New Republic continues looking into this class disparity by exploring the gaps in longevity between the two groups in America. A heavily debated topic is implementing universal health care to increase longevity. However, the health-wealth gap still tends to exist in our country even with more access. So if health outcomes are not simply a matter of access to healthcare, then what should our country’s government focus on impacting in order to alter the gap in longevity between classes and ultimately extend it for all classes? With what you know so far about class and demographic variables such as age, gender, race, and ethnicity, how do you feel a lasting impact can be made on total longevity and also decreasing the gap between classes?…

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