writing about Adolescent Sexual Health and Education and a “fact sheet” on a STD,


you will write an argument essay, OR create a “fact sheet” on a STD,

You have a choice in what you may write about, but each topic requires that you use at least three different resources (one may be in the module directions page + one other that you find on your own). A paper receiving full credit will not exceed two pages, plus a work cited page in either MLA or APA format (yes, your paper will lose points if you don’t have a clear thesis, supports for your argument, and correctly formatted work cited). 

Here are your options for the short (2-page) argument essay:

1. Choose a side – either abstinence-only or comprehensive sex education and build an argument for it.

2. Choose a sexually transmitted disease and write an argument for why it should be included in sexual health education for students. Include information about this disease — is it a virus or bacteria? what are its symptoms? more common in males or females? how many diagnoses were there last year (or most recent data), and what is the treatment for it? In short, include information about this disease along with why students should learn about it.

3. Choose a topic related to gender identity and write an argument for why gender identity should be included in sexual health education for students. You might look at national data, school policies, workplace policies, health issues, an social issues – bullying or other forms of violence. Make sure you address how LBGTQ+ topics fit into a school sexual health curriculum.

*Alternatively, you may be more creative and make a “fact sheet” (something you find in a medical office, perhaps a physician would hand it to a patient following a diagnosis). Your fact sheet will be about a STD (you pick, syphilis, HPV, gonorrhea, herpes…). A fact sheet also has at least 3 sources of information that are listed under the heading, “For More Information.” The fact sheet may include images, such as a picture of a virus cell, or a chart showing rates of infection, but must also be about two pages — think front and back of a brochure.

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